Nerve interference causes many health problems. Normally, our nervous system’s impulses help keep us healthy by coordinating our bodily functions and, directly or indirectly, tying everything together, making each of us an organism, a living being, rather than just a collection of parts.


Trouble arises, though, when interference with normal transmission of nerve impulses disrupts the coordination, harmony, and integrity of some of the body’s functions, and thus fragments its wholeness to some extent. This brings on sickness, pain and other physical problems.


So, whenever there’s a health problem, the likelihood of nerve interference caused by pinched spinal nerves must always be considered.


Chiropractic doctors have at their disposal a broad variety of diagnostic tools including palpation, neurologic and orthopedic examinations, and X-ray, among many other possible examination procedures.


Chiropractic research has been instrumental in developing modern X-ray technology.


In locating and confirming biomechanical problems, however, chiropractors almost universally take X-ray pictures.


In a sense, chiropractic and X-ray have grown together, since both were discovered in the same year —1895.


Chiropractors were among the first doctors to utilize X-ray pictures in their practices and through the years, chiropractic research has been instrumental in developing modern X-ray technology-


Though X-ray is widely used in the chiropractic profession as part of the diagnostic procedure, it is never used as a treatment… only for diagnosis.


Depending on the nature of the patient’s complaint, doctor may take X-ray photographs from different viewpoints. These pictures help reveal or rule out subluxations, misalignments, distortion of the spinal column, disease of the bone, fractures, malignancy, pelvic imbalance, curvature and many other conditions that could be present.


X-ray pictures help doctor determine the cause and severity of the problem and what needs to be done to correct it.






Chiropractic doctors never use X-ray for treatment. It’s used only for diagnosis.

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