Sciatica is a common complaint when patients visit a chiropractor. Sciatica symptoms can include pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg. Causes can include a slipped disk, pelvic injury, tumors, or piriformis syndrome. Generally the pain is caused by the compression of one of the five spinal nerves that give rise to each sciatic nerve. Because of this, chiropractic can be an extremely effective method at treating the symptoms and cause of sciatica.


A recent study showed that among patients with severe sciatica requiring hospitalization, 91% were able to return to work full-time within twenty-one days after receiving chiropractic treatment and 4% returned at reduced work levels. All of the study patients were treated by a chiropractor daily while they were in the hospital, then three days a week for two weeks, and some were given follow-up treatments once or twice a week.


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