Ruthlessly harsh acute pain is impossible to ignore. Most of us have known that vicious side of pain – pain so intense, reckless and unyielding it sends us immediately for professional help.


But right now we’re focusing on common chronic pain. Typically, these pains are the chronic headaches, back pains, arm and shoulder pains, hip and leg pains, neck pains, joint pains, arthritic pains, referred pains and organ-related pains – determined reminders that something may be wrong, but in the victim’s view, not yet alarming enough to do anything about it. Eventually, though, the untreated underlying cause almost always worsens, the pain worsens and the victim can no longer ignore the problem.


If you are experiencing chronic pain, why not see what can be done about it today while the treatment may be relatively simple? Why wait for a major storm before fixing the roof? A chiropractic examination will soon tell you whether chiropractic care is indicated. Meeting the problem today may help you avoid more serious problems tomorrow.




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