Sick and tired of being sick and tired, countless persons each year are turning to chiropractic for the first time. While some have only minor complaints, others suffer from the pain and misery of serious health problems, and many turn to chiropractic as a last resort – after other healing methods have failed them.


Why the dramatic upturn in chiropractic’s acceptance? In general, chiropractors say their ever-increasing popularity is due mainly to word-of-mouth praise by a nation of satisfied patients, but specifically here are some other reasons people more and more are looking to chiropractic for state-of-the-art primary health care:


  • Many people are sick and getting sicker because their traditional sources of health care aren’t getting results. Consequently, many are turning to chiropractic.
  • Today it is common knowledge that medications often produce adverse side effects. Nearly everyone knows a medical or surgical horror story that happened to a friend or to themselves.
  • Though most people are aware of chiropractic’s enviable record in the treatment of back problems, people are also becoming aware that chiropractors also successfully treat a myriad of internal conditions and problems.
  • Sports Injuries are on the increase due to an increase in sports activities. Millions of persons now bowl, play basketball, softball, and volleyball. Many jog, run, bicycle, play tennis and racquetball. Millions more are enrolled in fitness programs, jazzercize and aerobic centers. This means more people than ever before involve themselves in the excitement of physical activity  …  even if it’s only walking. But wherever there’s activity,  there’s a chance for injury and the need for chiropractic care.
  • Yet while millions are engaged in regular physical activities, other millions get their exercise watching TV. A couch potato home life and a sedentary office job bring their own brand of back trouble due to over-weight, flabby muscles, and a general lack of fitness. And, of course, such an idle lifestyle often leads to serious internal health problems.
  • Scientific evidence of chiropractic’s efficacy is becoming more and more evident. Recent studies validated chiropractic care in low back problems. Another study confirmed that injured workers returned to work much more quickly with chiropractic care than with medical care – and at far less cost.
  • Family practices on increase. Though chiropractors have always treated sick adults and children in the same family, many mothers and fathers now look to the chiropractor for general family health care and advice.
  • U.S. Supreme Court decisions favorable to chiropractic and against the American Medical Association have boosted public confidence in chiropractic.


Considering those factors, especially the risk of medical side effects, the finality of surgery, and the extreme cost of high-tech medical procedures, it’s not surprising to find many thinking people turning to chiropractic for their health. The chiropractic doctor’s uncomplicated approach to pain and disease is winning over new patients, literally by the millions. And mostly it’s because one satisfied chiropractic patient tells another person how chiropractic works.

So tell a friend!