Joint pain is incredibly common. The mechanics of the body are very similar to that of a machine: oil can become depleted, pieces can degrade, components can get stuck, and the alignment can become skewed.

The nerves in the area get aggravated, resulting in pain. Inflammation also occurs when blood vessels introduce new cells and deliver growth factors. This process of damage and recovery is amplified following an injury but is a normal and ongoing process.

Doctors have typically used strategies such as ice, massage, and pain-relieving drugs, but those treatments don’t directly target the root source of the joint pain and inflammation.

To avoid “Band-Aid” solutions that don’t address the underlying cause, doctors are increasingly using injections to stimulate natural healing. Joint injections essentially leverage knowledge of the body’s natural healing capabilities to facilitate faster recovery.

Hyaluronic acid injections are used by doctors as a natural solution.

Hyaluronic acid joint injections

A major type of joint injection is the use of hyaluronic acid,  the lubricant that is within the synovial fluid of the joints. While the hyaluronic acid dissipates after a few hours, a series of injections can often reduce pain for months.

In its explanation of hyaluronic acid injections, the Arthritis Foundation mentions a broad 2006 analysis that looked at using the compound for knee osteoarthritis. “The review, the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, found that pain levels in the average patient who receives joint injections are reduced by 28 to 54 percent,” the Arthritis Foundation explains. “Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid improved the ability to move about and perform daily activities by 9 to 32 percent.”

Bolster hyaluronic acid with food

Along with joint injections, many patients want to get additional doses of hyaluronic acid in their daily diets, explains Emily Cooper of LiveStrong. “Foods such as leafy greens, root vegetables and soy products contain it, while homemade broths made from animal bones, skin and connective tissues are even better sources,” she says. “While not a direct source of hyaluronic acid, red wine may help increase the amount that your body produces on its own.”

Getting expert help

Are you suffering from joint pain? Joint injections such as ones using hyaluronic acid are just one way to treat your body and expedite your recovery.

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