Nothing is quite as disruptive to your work day as chronic back pain. Whether it’s a dull ache or a sharp, radiating pain, it’s difficult to focus on your job when you aren’t feeling your best. Depending on the nature of your work, your job could very well be making your back pain worse.

Here’s the bright spot: You’ve got a number of weapons in your arsenal to alleviate pain in a natural way—no surgeries or invasive procedures. Here are a few insider tips for reducing back pain while you work.

Give Your Workspace an Ergonomic Makeover

Slouching for hours on end in the glow of your computer screen is anything but good for your back. If office work is unavoidable, approach the task mindfully. Giving your workspace an ergonomic makeover is something your back will thank you for.

Begin with a high-quality desk chair that keeps your shoulders relaxed and your feet resting easily on the floor. As for your devices, keep your computer screen at eye level; your keyboard should also allow for straight hands and wrists. Cradling a landline phone between your ear and your shoulder is another no-no, so use a headset whenever possible. If you’re still feeling discomfort in your back, opt for a cushion or back pillow to rest between yourself and your office chair.

Stand Up and Get Your Body Moving

This one’s a biggie. Prolonged periods of sitting is anything but good for you. Researchers say that sitting for over six hours a day “will greatly increase your risk of an early death.” To combat the ill effects of prolonged sitting, experts now suggest spending two to four hours a day standing. Make it a point to get up and move your body at least every hour. This might take the form of a walk outside or a brief period of stretching.

Consider Icing Your Back at Work

Applying cold therapy is an office-friendly way to reduce back pain at work. This discreet method helps to improve achiness and bring down inflammation relatively quickly.  Administer in 20-minute intervals and be sure to protect your skin by using a towel as a barrier.

Making easy lifestyle tweaks should always be your first line of defense. Incorporating these simple stretches into your daily routine, for instance, can do wonders for low back pain. But sometimes lifestyle adjustments just aren’t enough to eradicate the pain. This is when chiropractic care can make a huge difference. This type of safe, non-surgical back pain relief realigns the spine and jumpstarts the body’s ability to heal. Looking for a chiropractor in Montgomery or Prattville? Health Star Clinic has you covered. Click here to get on the road to recovery.