For the past fifty years, scientists have documented the role of curcumin, a component of turmeric, in improving the health of intercellular communication. Curcumin has been specifically studied as use for a treatment with various pro-inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Chron’s disease, irritable bowel disease, and ulcers. In short, the impact on patients with chronic inflammation makes doctors optimistic about curcumin. Since that’s the case, it makes sense to add more turmeric to your diet, along with other anti-inflammatory foods.

Let’s look at five ways to add turmeric to your life:

#1 – Turmeric muffins

The dominant flavors in this recipe from Green Kitchen Stories are walnuts, blueberries, and turmeric. The nuts make these muffins distinctive and high-protein. Plus, they’re sweetened with fruit (bananas, blueberries, and dates) and stay true to the anti-inflammatory mission with gluten-free buckwheat flour.

#2 – Turmeric chickpea cakes

You will need to get out the food processor for this dish so you can “pulse” chickpeas, along with onion, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, garlic, and turmeric. Prevention explains that you finish off this recipe from Purely Ella by “molding the mixture into patties; and then lightly frying them in a skillet with olive oil.”

#3 – Golden oatmeal

To update your hot cereal for stronger inclusion within your anti-inflammatory foods, there is a great idea provided by the Bojon Gourmet. First, you want to create golden milk – made out of milk, coconut oil, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger and turmeric. Once you have poured the milk over hemp seeds, chia seeds, and rolled oats, refrigerate it while you sleep. When you get up, add a little fruit and honey as a topper.

#4 – Turmeric and hemp milk smoothie

Like some of the other treats here, this powerful drink from Jodi Moreno will require some preparation. First, you want to look up a recipe for your own homemade hemp milk, so that the entire smoothie can leverage anti-inflammatory foods. Once the milk is ready, you can create a great concoction by combining it with cinnamon, coconut oil, and bananas.

#5 – Anti-inflammatory hummus

A great way to have turmeric as a snack is by modifying your hummus, as accomplished by Carolyn’s Pantry. Turmeric, red pepper flakes, and cumin add some pizzazz to the standard recipe of chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, tahini, and sea salt.

Want to use diet to relieve your pain?

Turmeric is a good place to start. However, often recovery requires more than an anti-inflammatory diet. At Health Star Clinic, our pain management programs are designed to treat the source of your pain quickly and effectively. See our new patient promises.