Physical conditioning techniques growing in popularity worldwide are shifting attention away from strict muscular development. Two of the most prominent 2015 fitness approaches are body weight training and functional training, both of which aim to optimize posture and balance.

Global fitness trend #1 – bodyweight training

Unlike many exercise routines, bodyweight training does not require expensive equipment or gym memberships. Since you aren’t using complicated equipment, the likelihood of injury is reduced. “Body weight training includes anything that relies solely on your own weight,” explained India’s Hindustan Times, “using equipment such as resistance bands, suspended cables or resistance wands.”

This approach aims to improve strength without compromising the body.

Bodyweight training allows participants to condition their entire bodies seamlessly, without having to move around to different stations as you would in a gym. A plethora of exercises have been developed for this fitness strategy, making it an efficient choice for whole-body health that naturally aligns the spine and minimizes stress on the joints.

Gyms are popular for their weightlifting devices and cardiovascular machines, and the Times argued that the bulky equipment will continue to attract many members. However, bodyweight training isn’t just an at-home option. Many gyms now offer resistance equipment and classes for those interested in a more holistic approach.

Global fitness trend #2 – functional training

Another new conditioning approach is functional training, which sometimes includes physical therapy techniques and aimed squarely at striking joint-to-muscle balance.

“Moves become less focused on strength and cardio,” reported the Times,“and are geared towards developing proper posture, correcting poor posture, and increasing balance and flexibility.”

While the general need for physical alignment and equilibrium is ignored by many training strategies, those who adopt functional training methods benefit from enhanced range of motion and less restricted breathing.

Part of the reason this type of training is becoming more popular is the baby boomers, says the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a generation that is becoming less concerned with muscle and more focused on general wellness. However, the number of posture-monitoring gadgets and apps hitting the market signals that younger office workers are adopting approaches to protect their backs from chronic pain.

Whole-body focus for pain relief

You don’t have to decide between the two types of routine above. While bodyweight training will help tone your body and improve alignment affordably using resistance, functional training will directly bolster your balance and overall health.

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