In a world of more and more two-income households, longer work weeks, and less pay, stress is an inevitable response to daily struggles.


There are three major sources of stress: our environment, our bodies, and our emotions. Environmental stresses often stem from work, family obligations, or other pressures. Bodily stresses can be poor nutrition, poor sleep, or even physical injury. Emotional stresses are often our reactions to bodily or environmental stressorsEnvironmental, bodily, and emotional stresses can take a toll. Most people will experience one of these kinds of stress at least once in their life, but add marriage, children, a job change or a move, and those stresses can start to truly impact your overall health.


Bodily stresses include poor nutrition, poor sleep, injury, or disease. Environmental stresses often stem from work, family, or societal pressures. Emotional stress often stems from our reaction to both of these kinds of stressors.


Stress, regardless of cause, triggers a systemic response that affects every part of the body. Chronic stress often causes high blood pressure, infertility, lowered immune system, and slower healing.


Chiropractors are often trained in nutrition and other stress reduction techniques, but they primarily work with the spine. Chronic stress leads to prolonged muscle tension and contraction, which can impact the spine and cause misalignments, or subluxations. Chiropractic adjustments release this muscle tension, helping the body return to its more balanced, natural state. Adjustments also reduce spinal nerve irritation and improve blood circulation, both of which can be the first step toward healing from chronic stress.


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