Anyone who suffers from persistent joint pain can tell you that it tends to react to seasonal changes. In the winter, for example, cool temperatures usually trigger additional pain for folks with osteoarthritis.

The same goes for the summer months. Hot, humid weather is upon us and it could be doing a number on your joints, especially since rainy seasons are associated with increased pain. As Everyday Health reports, humidity and heat can be challenging conditions for chronic pain sufferers since they naturally have trouble adjusting to extreme changes in temperature and moisture.

Does your joint pain flare up in the summer? Here are some simple ways to ease the aches and pains.


Osteoarthritis is known to wreak havoc on your joints, leaving chronic pain in its wake. While your instincts may tell you to take it easy, inactivity typically does more harm than good. On the contrary, regular exercises is one of the strongest medicines. The best activities are ones that focus on range of motion/flexibility, endurance, and strength.

This is precisely why taking up a yoga practice or some form of gentle aerobics can go a long way in relieving joint pain. Biking, walking and other low-impact exercises are also ideal. Swimming definitely falls into this category; the perfect summertime activity. Even taking up a regular stretching routine can help relieve pressure and improve pain.

Eat Well

As the old saying goes: We are what we eat. When it comes to soothing your joint pain, experts say that a healthy diet is one of your best defenses. The idea is to zero in on foods that limit inflammation—think whole grains, fruits, nuts, and legumes. Upping your vitamin C and calcium intake is another easy way to protect your joints. You can get the job done with food or daily supplements.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

We all know that being overweight or obese isn’t good for our health, but it’s particularly dangerous for those with joint pain. Every pound you lose, it turns out, takes four pounds of pressure off your knees. This is why maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for your joints. In fact, those who suffer from obesity are at a much greater risk of developing osteoarthritis.

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