If your physical fitness has slid so far down-hill that you have lost the desire to improve it, that is a sad situation. But it’s not hopeless.


Maybe you can reverse your downhill slide by just starting a walking program today. Nothing strenuous. Just a little bit of walking helps. The idea is to get started and let the joy of walking take it from there.


It seems that walking triggers a desire for more walking. Then, as your physical vigor begins to return, you’ll want to walk more … which will further increase your vitality.


You can see this happening everywhere as more and more formerly sedentary people take to the streets and shopping malls for their “daily constitutionals.” Walking has become the nation’s favorite recreational activity. It makes you look better to others and makes you feel better about your-self.  Walkers say you can even walk away the blues. But you have to get started.




#1 – Choose a time of day to walk that you can keep. Make an appointment with yourself. Don’t let anything keep you from keeping your “walk appointment.”  Try to walk almost every day a minimum of about 30 minutes.


#2 – If your present fitness level demands it, start with short walks. A 10-15 minute walk is a great beginning.


#3 – Wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for current weather conditions. (No plastic suits that hold in body heat.) You want clothing that will breathe, yet keep you from chilling.


#4 – Walk in a natural way, heel to toe, pushing off with your toes and allowing your arms to swing naturally. Now and then, stretch and rotate your arms two or three times.


#5 – Breathe deeply as you walk.


#6 – As you begin to feel a new sense of fitness, (it doesn’t take long) increase your walking pace and your time by about 2 minutes per week.


#7 – Best not to walk fast for at least two hours after meals. Before breakfast, lunch or dinner is perfect.


#8 – Cool down by slowing down toward the end of each walking session.


#9 – Making the commitment to start is the big hurdle. Once you get started with walking, you’ll feel cheated if for some reason you miss your walk.


#10 – If you can’t commit to thirty minutes at a time, split your walks into several short segments totaling thirty minutes.


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