Range of Motion Therapy

Range of Motion (ROM) Therapy for Pain Relief

Many times when we are injured we lose the extent of our range of motion. Connective tissues surrounding joints (ie, ligaments, tendons, joints) are often shortened due to trauma. This lack of range of motion contributes to stiffness, loss of proper muscle function, problems with daily movement and activities, the list goes on and on. Our range of motion is vital to our daily lives, which is why range of motion is so important to maintain.

At Health Star Clinic we provide range of motion therapy for patients who have suffered injuries or conditions limiting their range. Range of motion therapy is a hands-on technique that acts as a stress relaxation and low-load muscle stretch to aid the muscles and ligaments. Our physical therapist will help you with hands on treatment of range of motion therapy.

Studies have shown that the earlier range of motion therapy techniques are applied for patients, the greater the gain in total muscle and joint range of motion are. If you are suffering from limited range of motion due to an injury or just day-to-day stress on the body, please contact Health Star Clinic as soon as possible for the best results.