Non-Steroidal Injections

Non-Steroidal Injections for Pain Relief

non-steroidal injectionsAt Health Star Clinic we try to avoid using steroidal medicine injections if possible. Many times non-steroidal injections provides us this ability. Whether into a joint, muscle, or around a nerve, injecting a non-steroidal anesthetic medication can provide relief in addition to diagnostic information, leading to the source of patient’s pain.

In many instances non-steroidal injections are used in combination with our physical therapy treatment techniques. Non-steroidal injections are used to reduce pain and allow the patient to perform physical therapy treatment with minimal pain. The physical therapy treatments combined with the non-steroidal injections give the patient long term pain relief by treating the problem instead of masking it.

Our physicians will be able to accurately assess whether your condition would be best treated with these types of compounds in non-steroidal injections.

Contact the pain management specialists at Health Star Clinic for the highest quality of treatment. Many times pain conditions that go untreated can develop into more serious conditions that may have long term effects. Do not wait. Get relief.