Low Dose Steroid Injections

Low Dose Steroid Injections for Pain Relief

At Health Star Clinic we try to avoid the use of steroids in treatment whenever possible. In some cases, a patient’s best option for pain relief may be low dose steroid injections. If a patient is receiving a low-dose steroid injections in one of our facilities, this means that the lowest and safest amount of a corticosteroid will be added into their injection with the primary focus being on the anesthetic to numb and comfort the surrounding tissues.

Low dose steroid injections can often provide the patient with quick pain relief from harsh pain conditions. Low dose steroids are often used in combination with our other treatment protocols such as chiropractic or physical therapy. The low dose steroid will provide immediate pain relief for the patient allowing them to perform treatments that may require movement of the affected area.

Often times reducing the amount of steroid used in our injections along with the combinations of other natural therapies in our office help our patients. Low dose steroid injections allow for patients to perform physical therapy treatment with minimum or zero pain. With the combination of these two treatments our patients can reach lasting pain relief and return to living their lives.

Health Star Clinic can help treat painful conditions, contact our friendly staff for safe and effective pain relief.