Knee Injections

Knee Injections for Pain Relief

Knee Pain ReliefIf you suffer from knee osteoarthritis we offer a variety of knee pain treatments to relieve pain and get you back to enjoying regular activities. At Health Star Clinic we provide knee injections for knee pain. Our injections are used to relieve suffering from intense pain in the knees.

Our knee pain injections are normally coupled with our physical therapy treatments to provide you with long-term pain relief. The injection is used to reduce inflammation and pain in the knees, while our physical therapy treatment allows you to improve muscular strength and develop proper movement patterns. Proper movement patterns allow the body to move as it is naturally intended to. This reduces pain and stress placed on the knee and eliminates inflammation.

Our team of pain management specialists understand the burden of knee pain and the effects it can have on your day to day life. The longer knee pain is untreated the higher the risk for long term damage. If you are suffering from knee pain please call our clinic and get treatment.