Ankle Nerve Blocks

Ankle Nerve Blocks for Pain Relief

Joint PainAnkle Nerve Blocks block the four terminal branches of the sciatic nerve, and one cutaneous branch of the femoral nerve.

Ankle nerve blocks are provided to relieve pain and stiffness associated with injury, nerve damage and neuropathy. The blocks eliminate pain and tingling in a targeted area allowing the therapeutic treatments sufficient time to heal the ankle and restore normal nerve function.  In acute cases of neuropathy repeated use can help to condition the nerve response and reduce painful flare-ups.

However, before we provide any minimally invasive injection procedures, our team of medical providers work through diagnostic protocols to help determine the severity of the ankle injury or condition causing ankle pain. Health Star Clinic’s medical staff will develop an individualized treatment program specific to each patient’s specific pain condition.

All injections at Health Star Clinic are performed under guidance of fluoroscopic x-ray to target the specific nerve and ensure patient safety.

What is an ankle nerve block?

An ankle nerve block can be a safe low-dose steroid (anti-inflammatory medicine) or a local anesthetic medication (lidocaine).  The safe low-dose steroid option is used to reduce inflammation and the local anesthetic is used to numb the nerve. The ankle nerve block also works to reduce swelling and relieve pain at the injection site.

How does it work?

The injection area is first numbed with a local anesthetic. The ankle nerve block is then applied to the targeted area in the ankle under the guidance of fluoroscopic x-ray to ensure safety and efficiency of the procedures.

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