More often than you may think, we humans can decide to improve our health, then take the necessary steps to attain and maintain improvement.


Is the effort worthwhile? Only a moment’s reflection will tell you good health is without question one’s most valuable asset.


Though the potential for better health may vary considerably from one person to another, most persons could attain and maintain a higher level of health merely by getting periodic chiropractic checkups of the spine and nerves, just as many of us look after our teeth and eyes.

Don’t most of us make the effort to visit our dentist for periodic checkups, cleaning, and remedial care? And doesn’t the same go for the eyes? We’ve learned that keeping eyes in the best possible condition is essential for our overall health and safety, thus most of us get a professional eye examination at least once every two years.


Effort spent on one’s spinal column pays off big, too. Since back pain and problems can happen to anyone, the company president or the office boy alike, it only makes sense to get periodic checkups of the spine. In its role of protecting the spinal cord and spinal nerves, the spinal column is especially vulnerable to mishap and injury. Indeed, eight in ten persons suffer at least one painful, significant “back attack” at some time in life and millions of those live with chronic back problems for a lifetime.


Also, without knowing it, many persons have minor spinal defects serious enough to encourage spinal weakness, instability, and misalignments. When you consider that about half the body’s joints are located in the spine — and that most of the major nerve trunks pass through narrow openings adjacent to the spinal joints — it’s no wonder slight misalignments of the spinal joints negatively affect nerve function and bring on back pain as well as ill health in bodily parts and organs supplied by the affected nerves.


So if you want to attain and maintain improved health, don’t neglect your spinal health. Get a chiropractic checkup for structural alignment once a month, sooner if symptoms or discomfort appear. Delay in dealing with spinal misalignments is the friend of disease. The earlier care begins, the better. Many severe health problems get that way through neglect early on.


Six Basic Rules for Maintaining Health:


1 Don’t smoke. If you smoke now, find away to quit now! The link between smoking and lung cancer and heart disease is well established.


2 All things in moderation including alcohol. If you don’t drink, don’t start. If you do drink, keep it down to no more than a bottle of beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine each day.


3 Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables even if you have to pay a premium for them. Cut down or cut out cream, butter, whole milk, oily dressings, sugar, cakes, sweet cereals, etc.


4 Keep your weight normal. If you can pinch-an-inch of fat at waist level, you may be too fat. There are plenty of good eating programs available. Ask your chiropractic doctor.


5 Exercise aerobically. Fast walking, jogging, biking, swimming, etc., every other day (at least) for 20-30 minutes. If you haven’t been exercising, check with your chiropractic doctor first.


6 Keep a regular schedule of once-a- month chiropractic checkups. Take maintenance adjustments to help keep your spine flexible and aligned.