Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief

shoulder painShoulder pain is a tough condition to deal with due to the vast numbers of factors that can contribute to pain itself. Dysfunctions of the shoulder including rotator cuff abnormalities and inflammatory pain can create constant pain issues for patients. Shoulder pain can also stem from conditions such as muscle spasms and joint arthritis.

Thankfully the expert staff of pain management professionals at Health Star Clinic have years of experience with shoulder pain and injuries and bring together a multidisciplinary approach to pain management to ensure the best care possible. Health Star Clinic’s vast knowledge and experience will help to identify and treat your pain. Below are some of the more prevalent causes of shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain Treatments

Once properly diagnosed, Health Star will provide you with the optimal treatment options to help your condition and bring you out of pain as soon as possible. Below are some of our treatment programs offered:

  • Physical Therapy – Physical therapy works to strengthen and improve the body’s posture through proper exercise ranges of motion, resistance training, and improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility through corrective exercise and stretching.
  • Chiropractic Care – Chiropractic spinal adjustments put the body in correct posture alignment and helps to relieve muscle strain.
  • Injection Based Procedures – Such as trigger point injections, therapeutic injections, and intra-articular joint procedures help relief pain while increasing mobility.

shoulder pain relief

The pain management specialists at Health Star will find the root cause of your shoulder pain injury. Once our experts identify the source of your pain we can provide a customized pain management program designed for your specific pain needs. Live with pain no longer and contact Health Star Clinic.

Don’t Let Shoulder Pain Control Your Life. We Can Help.

We are confident that our treatment programs will help you even if other treatments have failed. Fill out our request appointment form to find out how we can help or call one of our clinics to learn more. Most major insurances are accepted.