“I don’t believe in chiropractic,”
Fortunately, chiropractic is a science, not a religion. So, belief is not relevant. Here are some facts you may not know that should give you complete confidence in chiropractic.

A 23-member government panel reviewed nearly 4,000 back pain studies and concluded that chiropractic’s method of spinal manipulation is a superior treatment to conventional medical treatments for low back pain. For the first time, the U.S. government took a pro-chiropractic position.


After a two-year inquiry a New Zealand Commission wrote it was “irresistibly and with complete unanimity drawn to the conclusion that modern chiropractic is a soundly-based and valuable branch of health care in a specialized area.”


Other reports contain such statements as:
• “Chiropractic care was twice as effective as medical care in relieving many painful conditions of the neck and back as well as related musculoskeletal conditions.”
• “Chiropractors are the only health practitioners necessarily equipped by education and training to carry out spinal manual therapy.”


“It’s too expensive.”
Research studies during the past few years are virtually unanimous in concluding that chiropractic care costs less than medical care for similar problems. Here are a few brief excerpts from the reports:


• “Potential savings of hundreds of millions annually.”
• “Claimants treated by medical doctors were hospitalized at a much higher rate than claimants treated by chiropractors.”
• “Costs were significantly higher for medical claims than for chiropractic claims…work days lost were nearly ten times higher.”


“I’m afraid it will hurt… or is not safe.”
Chiropractic adjustments in themselves are usually painless, and pain caused by existing conditions is frequently improved following chiropractic adjustments. Research with many thousands of patients show:


• “Spinal manual therapy in the hands of a chiropractor is safe.”
• “Patients were three times as likely to report satisfaction with care from chiropractors… more likely to believe their chiropractor was concerned about them.”
• “More than 80% were satisfied with treatment…90% felt their treatment was effective.”
• “The treatment…is both safe and effective.” Perhaps the best way to gauge the safety of any health care procedure is to look at what insurance companies charge for malpractice insurance.


Chiropractic malpractice insurance costs only a fraction of the amount charged other kinds of physicians. This demonstrates conclusively how safe chiropractic care actually is.


“My insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care.”
Most states now have laws which require insurance companies to provide chiropractic coverage. Of course, there are a few loopholes, so some policies don’t. But the real issue is, would you rather pay for a treatment that works, or stay sick because your insurance won’t pay? Chiropractic care is reasonable in cost and most offices provide extended payment plans.


“I can’t afford it.”
As stated above, payment plans can be arranged to fit most patients’ needs. In cases of hardship, treatment plans and payments may be modified. We are dedicated to seeing that patients receive the care they need.. .even if it means performing service at a reduced fee.


Don’t let money stand between you and the care you need…and the recovery of your health.


“I don’t have the time.”
Would you rather spend your time getting well or staying sick? Independent researchers had this to say about the results produced by chiropractic care:


• “Highly significant reduction in chronic problems, as well as in levels and duration of disability.”
• “Less likely to become temporarily disabled, or if disabled, remains disabled for a shorter period of time.”
• “Number of days of disability for patients seen by family physicians was significantly higher (mean 39.7) than for patients managed by chiropractors (mean 10.8).”


Most chiropractic offices have hours to fit different work schedules, so patients don’t have to miss work in order to be treated.


“I don’t know where to go.”
That’s easy. Our address and phone number is listed on the contact us page of this website and we are dedicated to providing the best possible chiropractic care for our patients.


However, if you don’t want to get your chiropractic care from us, please make sure you get help somewhere.


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