In September 1895, there was only one chiropractic doctor and only one chiropractic patient. The doctor was Daniel David Palmer, the patient a janitor named Harvey Lillard. Together they made healing arts history when Palmer restored Lillard’s hearing by realigning a misaligned vertebra in Lillard’s spine.



From that humble beginning, Palmer developed the science of chiropractic, a healing method which recognizes the supreme importance of a properly-functioning nervous system.



Palmer found that pinched spinal nerves due to vertebral misalignments alter normal nerve impulses, and thereby cause pain and disease – not only in the back – but elsewhere in the body.



Furthermore, when spinal nerve irritations are cleared by realigning vertebras, the nervous system’s normal nerve impulses can resume and direct the body’s own efforts in recuperation from pain and disease.


Today, throughout the world, chiropractic doctors get sick people well from many ailments and maladies including, of course, back and neck ailments, and other structural derangements. Many people from all walks of life, depend on their chiropractor for much of their health care, often after medical procedures involving drugs and surgery have failed them.


This burgeoning acceptance of chiropractic’s drugless, nonsurgical methods is due mainly to Will You Help? word-of-mouth acclaim by satisfied, enthusiastic patients, many of whom had been given up by the medical establishment.


Indeed, much of chiropractic’s reputation for pain relief and healing comes from patients who despaired of ever finding a solution to their miseries. Through the years, those patients are largely responsible for chiropractic’s phenomenal growth, merely because they took the time to tell their friends and neighbors about the “miracle” of chiropractic and how it changed their lives.


If you have been referring your friends and neighbors to chiropractic, we thank you. Keep up the good works. If you haven’t yet had that experience, you might want to try it. It’s very rewarding because your friends will be very appreciative.