Whoever suggested that technology moves at a “breakneck” speed didn’t realize how right they were. Everything is mobile these days, and whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, or laptop holding your attention, odds are that device is causing your gaze, head, and neck to strain forward and down toward your lap, leading to some serious work-related back pain. How can poor posture cause problems, and what can you do to find upper back pain relief?

Tech Neck

That regular downward gaze has caused such an increase in neck and upper back pain complaints that it is now considered a modern spine ailment, according to chiropractor Dr. Stephen Shoshany, Clinic Director of Chiropractic New York. Not only does sustaining that posture too often and for too long strain your muscles, it compresses the discs and nerves in your spine, and can ultimately lead to a reversal of the natural curve in the neck. When that happens, all the force that is normally spread through the neck bones rests entirely on the bones and discs in the upper back, causing incredible strain and pain.

Upper Body Crunch

It’s also not long before an unconditioned, strained posture combines with tension and poor ergonomics to cause upper back muscles to raise the arms and shoulders up toward the ears, creating even more work-related back pain. As the day wears on, we tend to slouch over an unsupported lower back, round the upper spine, and crunch the neck and shoulders up, and doing this repeatedly for days and years will ultimately overwork some muscles, neglect others, and cause real anatomical changes and adaptations in our bodies. If you’re experiencing this already, how can you find upper back pain relief?

Get Moving

A report published by PLoS One found that less than 20% of jobs today require any level of physical exertion, meaning that most of the workforce is sitting for most of the day, and the toll that takes on our bodies is no secret. Investing in a standing desk can get you out of your seat and put less pressure on your spine, and taking walking meetings or scheduling quick, hourly jaunts around the office can help bring oxygen and nutrients into your spinal discs.

Get In Line

The source of work-related back pain is very commonly related to alignment issues, so seeking the help of a chiropractor, whose specialty is putting your body back in line, can provide the structural support your body needs to begin healing strained muscles and other soft tissues that may have been injured. Also, a physical therapist can address any muscular imbalances and assist you in developing better posture which will provide upper back pain relief.

Treat Your Pain

If you’re in pain, treat your pain. Experiencing work-related back pain can be taxing and stressful, but not seeking pain treatment can cost you even more than missed work. Unmanaged pain can actually prevent the body from healing and leads to chronic pain conditions down the road. Pain management and control is so important that many hospitals now count pain assessment as the “fifth” vital sign 

Has Your Day Job Become a Pain in the Back?  

If your desk job has you seeking upper back pain relief, we invite you to make an appointment with the professionals at Health Star Clinic today. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive treatments to effectively stop your pain and to help you find healing at the source.