Many have a pain in the neck

Since about 1900, it has been common to refer to a particularly vexing situation as a “pain in the neck.” The phrase makes even more sense today: chronic pain is itself irritating, with neck and shoulder pain becoming particularly prevalent due to the use of mobile devices.

In fact, about three in four people need neck pain relief at some point in their lives, although only 10% suffer from the condition at any one time. Many factors contribute to pain in the cervical spine and soft tissue surrounding it, including genes, athletic injuries, slouching, cigarette use, and muscular tension.

DIY neck pain treatments

It’s best to move quickly if you want to properly care for neck and shoulder pain, according to Pennsylvania chiropractor Kimberly Filipkowski, DC. “This may include engaging in regular exercises and postural awareness,” she said. “Drinking enough water and avoiding joint damaging activities like smoking will … also reduce … the likelihood your neck pain will persist or worsen.”

Dr. Filipkowski also suggested three nutritional supplements: omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil or flaxseed oil), a whole-food multivitamin, and glucosamine/chondroitin – the last of which should be avoided by those with shellfish allergies.

Additional healthy habits to foster neck pain relief including the following:

Take a breather: It is easy in modern life to get stuck in a set position, whether driving or working at a desk. Be sure to rise and get your blood flowing with a simple stretching routine as regularly as possible (at least every 60 minutes).

Be conscientious about sleep: The position in which you sleep could thwart your efforts to reduce neck pain. It’s often advised to lie on your side, with two relatively thin pillows – one under your head and the other between your knees.

Avoid holding with the crook of your neck: Rather than clutching your phone between your head and shoulder, switch to the speaker or headphones.

Get into shape: “Walking at any pace is excellent exercise for your neck,” recommended the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R). “The rotation of the spine provides a great natural workout for the neck muscles.”

Asking for help

It’s nice to be able to save time and money with do-it-yourself tactics. However, people with chronic pain conditions often need expert help for full recovery.

At Health Star Clinic, our responsible pain management approach works to avoid all surgical options and minimize the need for prescription medication. Get help now!