In professional sports, huge rewards – payouts, championships, and stardom – depend in part on the ability to prevent and quickly recover from injuries. One of the most common treatment methods for NFL athletes is chiropractic care. According to the results of a 2002 survey published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy, 77% of NFL trainers referred to chiropractors and 31% of teams had a chiropractor on staff. Chiropractic care and other alternatives treatments have been increasingly integrated into traditional pain management settings since the study was conducted, so those numbers are presumably higher in 2014.

Statistics can be helpful at times, but it always seems to grab our attention more when we hear the perspectives of individuals. Below are highlights of comments made by players from the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers, during video testimonials, on their experiences with chiropractic treatment. By furthering our understanding of pro athletes and pain relief, we believe everyone can reap the rewards, both for rehabilitation and ongoing wellness.

NFL player testimonials on chiropractic

  • Vernon Davis, tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, says that he has been receiving chiropractic care for six years, noting that it “helps me to get out on the field and perform at my very best.”
  • 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, who has received chiropractic treatments for four years to prevent injuries, mentions that it serves in a defensive role against the full-contact perils of football: “It’s a rough sport, and chiropractic care really helps my body get back into shape.”
  • Donte Whitner, 49ers strong safety, has been adjusted by Jody L. Serra, DC, for just over a year. Whitner reports that Serra “really gets me to my peak performance and to where I’m out there on the football field with no aches and pains.”
  • San Diego Chargers linebacker Takeo Spikes stresses that “chiropractic care is important for anybody – not only athletes, but if you’re active.” Spikes, playing in his 15th season, is a fervent advocate of chiropractic for prevention of injuries and general wellness: “The only way that I’ve been able to make it [is] by putting the chiropractic care into my regimen throughout the week.”

Pro athletes and pain relief: takeaways

As the statistics and testimonials above demonstrate, chiropractic adjustments are commonplace in the NFL, but Takeo Spikes is right: it’s a form of health maintenance for any active lifestyle. At Health Star Clinic, we specialize in nonsurgical solutions for fast pain relief, including chiropractic care. Get a free consultation now!