About 35% of men and 45% of women will experience a herniated disk in their lifetime[i]. Of these people, most experience over a year of pain, but seeking chiropractic treatment could greatly reduce the suffering involved.


If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or numbness mainly on one side of your body, you may be suffering from a herniated disk. A herniated, or slipped, disk is a serious condition that requires the attention of a licensed chiropractor or other medical practitioner. This condition occurs when all or part of the spine is forced through a weakened disk (a circle of cartilage between each vertebrae), placing pressure on the surrounding nerves.


Over 250,000 people a year undergo elective surgery to treat disk problems in the lower back. One study interviewed people who were considered candidates for back surgery but underwent chiropractic treatment first. 60% reported success with their chiropractic care. Another 40% ended up requiring surgery, but reported success[ii]. This suggests that while many patients required immediate surgery, more did not. Considering the cost, time, and invasiveness of surgery, chiropractic treatment is clearly the most viable first treatment option.


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