Pain, more than any other symptom, brings people to chiropractic doctors. Indeed, pain is the chief complaint of at least eighty percent of first-time chiropractic patients. It may be a headache, backache, shoulder ache, or an ache or pain involving any area of the body, including pain originating from internal disorders. Sad to say, many such people – before seeing a chiropractor – had been taking pain killers – quite often prescribed – sometimes for years – but had yet to gain permanent relief from their pain.




In bringing these facts up, we are not suggesting one should live in a world where pain medication is unavailable for intractable pain or incurable disease. The point is that most pain medications consumed in this country are not for intractable pain. For simple headaches Americans swallow some 20 billion aspirin each and every year, to say nothing of the millions of bottles of other over-the-counter and prescription pain remedies.Yet, in many cases, the headaches return over and over with increasing frequency and intensity and prolonged duration.


Nor should we forget the millions of persons who regularly take “temporary pain relievers” for chronic backache, sinusitis, bursitis, arthritis, and other common ailments and discomforts.


Most people see little harm in such temporary relief measures, but consider this: pain killers do not reach or treat the underlying cause of the pain. Such medications only cover up the pain and thus allow – even encourage – a minor problem to become major, an acute problem to become chronic. Virtually every chronic problem at one time was an acute problem which did not get proper care.


That’s why chiropractors urgently remind patients who repeatedly resort to pain medication for recurring, chronic problems that any relief obtained does nothing for the underlying cause, but may, in fact, allow the problem to become worse.


Fortunately, much of chiropractic’s reputation stands firmly on its potency for relieving pain, even though the chiropractor’s chief goal is finding and eliminating the underlying cause of the pain. Pain tells us something is wrong all right, but chiropractic doctors know from experience that merely shutting off the pain without finding and correcting the cause may destroy health.


Relief, obtained at the hands of a chiropractic doctor, means the cause was treated – at its source. That’s the beauty of chiropractic.


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