Neuropathy Pain Relief


What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy comes from an assortment of disorders that affect the peripheral nervous system. The nerves become damaged and cause pain and weakness throughout the body. Pain is mainly felt in the hands and feet but can also affect other parts of the body.

Over 20 million people in the United States suffer from peripheral neuropathy.”

What causes Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is caused by damage in specific nerve pathways. Usually illness, disease or constant health issues damage the nerves. Common conditions are diabetes, back problems, certain medications, chemotherapy and diseases.

What are the symptoms?

Those suffering from neuropathy generally feel numbness, tingling, stabbing and burning pain sensations in the hands and feet. Motor functions of the nerve may be damaged causing muscle weakness, cramping and spasms as well as a lack of coordination and poor balance.

Treatment Options Available at Health Star Clinic

In the past neuropathy treatments have relied heavily on medications, which cause patients significant side effects and little to no actual relief from symptoms. Only recently has there been a promising breakthrough to help reduce the symptoms of neuropathy with lasting results.

Electro analgesia

Electrodes are placed  to the affected areas of the hands and feet to stimulate nerves that send pain signals to the brain by overriding the pain signal with varying electrical pulses to the nerve, which slows its firing. This is known as depolarization and it reduces the painful signals to the brain that are sent to the brain providing pain relief to the patient.

Laser Therapy

Works to improve the function of the specific blood vessels. The blood vessels feed nerves by sending radiant infrared energy deep into the walls of the blood vessels and tissues that surround the injured nerves. This improves the elasticity and function of the blood vessels. As the blood vessels become healthier the nerves begin to thrive. Additional therapies designed to improve strength and balance are also provided during a treatment session.

Spinal manipulation

Used when nerve interference is a contributing factor to the numbness, burning, tingling and/or pins and needles feeling in extremities. Manipulation is quick, easy and known to help restore proper nerve flow.


Most of the treatments provided by Health Star Clinic can be covered by your insurance provider. We provide a complimentary consultation and verify your health benefits. Patients without health coverage are provided affordable payment options.

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