Elbow Pain

Expert Care and Treatments for Elbow Pain

elbow pain relief

Elbow pain can range from a slight annoyance to a painful chronic condition. Pain can be felt constantly when moving the joint and can begin to affect daily activities and tasks. Elbow pain can keep you from doing the things you love and may even affect your career.

Fortunately many times elbow pain is not a sign of a serious pain condition, but if the pain is reoccurring it can begin to negatively impact your life. Many clinics will want to use highly invasive procedures for elbow pain. These procedures are often expensive and unnecessary. At Health Star Clinic we offer various treatments for elbow pain that are minimally or completely non-invasive. Our treatments help reduce pain, increase mobility and strengthen muscles around the joint. Our treatments will help to tremendously reduce or eliminate your elbow pain without the need for painful surgery.

Many times elbow pain will start out as a dull ache and develop into a sharp piercing pain. Elbow pain is generally caused from overuse, injuries, and repetitive movement. This causes soft tissue inflammation like tendonitis.

Our experienced pain management team understands that every back pain patient is different, which is why our treatment programs are customized specifically for the individual. This can include a combination of medical procedures and therapeutic protocols.

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