There are many all-natural ways to alleviate neck and back pain. Combining different methods can expedite your recovery.

Many different strategies have been developed to bring relief to people suffering from chronic neck and back pain. Here are some of those that have been advocated by patients as tactics that delivered results for them.

1. Hydration

Your spinal discs must get plenty of water.

·      Every one of your discs is more than three-quarters water when you are born, although that proportion gradually reduces throughout life.

·      One of the most common tips is to keep a water bottle with you at all times so that hydration becomes a more central focus.

2. Magnesium

Typically a strain or sprain is involved with back pain, so one of the other most prominent pain relief tips is to focus on nutrition with magnesium. Magneisum helps the function of the muscles.

·      It is found in high quantities in foods including wholes grains and fresh produce.

·      You can also increase your uptake with an Epsom salt bath or other use of supplements.

3. Water pillow

Water pillows are often recommended because they allow a person to determine how soft their pillow will be (by adding or removing water). “Various water pillow products are available on the market and may be worth considering for patients who have tried more traditional neck pillows and braces to no avail,” notes Spine-health.

4. Swimming

Swimming also can help to alleviate neck and back pain:

·      Try to use a pool that is heated.

·      Squat down until your neck is underwater, and make motions in every direction.

·      Pick swimming strokes that are not too challenging for your condition. If you are a strong swimmer, one option is to do “Texas 25s” – going a full pool length without coming up for air. That way you get strong cardiovascular exercise while keeping your neck in a steady position.

5. Physical therapy

There are several ways that physical therapy helps the body:

·      Improvement in quality-of-life and function following an injury

·      Determining additional sources of pain

·      Training patients how to be less vulnerable to setbacks

·      Building the muscles through specially designed back stretches and exercises.

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