The joints are designed to be able to handle huge amounts of pressure. Inside every joint is synovial fluid (containing hyaluronic acid), which protects the cartilage. The cartilage itself makes it possible for bones to move adjacently. Lack of nutrition, getting older, and hereditary factors can result in the breakdown of cartilage, which in turn leads to synovial fluid blockages, inflammation, and joint pain.

Healthy foods, as listed below, are one viable defense against cartilage deterioration and discomfort in the knees and other joints.

The EVOO diet

Although this diet has a fancy name, it’s simple. Italian scholars studied rats to determine if giving a test population extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) would improve joint health, expediting recovery from injury. At the end of the eight-week study, rats that had eaten olive oil had much more lubricin – a lubricant within the synovial fluid – than did the control group.

Look for the word unrefined on olive oil labels for optimal nutrition.


This probiotic milk is cultured with helper bacteria such as L. casei. A joint health study was conducted in which patients took L. casei for 60 days. After two months, their inflammation was less progressed than it was among the control participants.

Try to get a version that isn’t sweetened, so that you can minimize sugar intake.


Researchers followed the same basic game plan with orange-peel extract as did the kefir team: for eight weeks, they looked at two groups of people, one of which took orange-peel extract each day.  The external group had lower joint pain ratings and smaller amounts of inflammatory compounds. The reason is that citrus contains the powerful bioflavonoid nobiletin.

Put the entire orange, including the peel, into a smoothie to maximize the impact.


This fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. When people take fish oil every day, swelling in the joints subsides, according to several studies. In fact, some studies have demonstrated that patients are able to rely less on painkillers such as NSAIDs when they get ample omega-3’s.


Turmeric, like oranges and salmon, also includes an incredible component. The antioxidant circumin can make the cartilage less inflammatory. Researchers found that patients with knee osteoarthritis who supplemented with turmeric for six weeks experienced as much pain alleviation as they would have with 800 mg of an NSAID.

Healthy foods & other tactics

Hopefully these joint foods will help you. Many people find them incredibly effective. If you need a more comprehensive plan for recovery, we can help. At Health Star Clinic, our pain management programs are designed to treat the source of your pain quickly and effectively.